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The Ghanaian Reggae Malignant Expressionist


Elvis Jackson Etuah (60), was born in Kumasi, Ghana, in the year 1957, He received a certificate in Fine Arts, Pottery and Ceramics, and a degree in Biblical Studies from both College of Arts and Industry and Christian Service University College all in the Ashanti Region of Ghana in 1979 and 2003 respectively. Also, he attended Ghallywood School of Acting in 2011 and came out successfully holding his certificate a Film Director. Elvis Jackson Etuah with stage name “Papa Jay” I am a Ghanaian orthodox Reggae music expressionist and Artist based in Ghana, Kumasi. Papa Jay was born on 6th June 1957, in Kumasi at Mmrom where he schooled. He continued his basic education at K.O. Methodist Primary School, after he had spent a year in Adum Presbyterian School in Kumasi. Six years later, he continued to second cycle institution a Senior high School at College of Art and Industry also situated in Ayigya Kumasi and completed that cycle in the year 1979.

In 1983, he traveled to Liberia in search of a greener pasture. While there he became a cobbler, shoe making was his business until one day he joined a group of Musicians who teamed up and formed a band and named it “Adams Apple” Band. He was treated as a guest artist and a manager of the band in the year 1986. Before the Liberian civil war began, his shoe business had then grown to become a lucrative business which that helped him and many others in ways of their livelihood.  In 1989, while he was still residing in Monrovia; the web of the Liberian Civil War caught up with him out there as went through a whole lot of life changing experiences.

Back in Ghana, he released his first album in the year 2004, a song titled Agyankaba.  Soon after launching he jumped into photography and Filmmaking

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